Where to buy

Where to buy radiators

Buying radiators is easy! To do this, you need to contact any of the stores of our dealers. In Almaty alone, there are more than seven selling points for Tipido heating batteries. The network of distributors is extensive, there are points of sale of radiators in almost all major cities of Kazakhstan.To purchase radiators in Almaty, you can contact the company: “12 months”, “EverestClimate”, “Alprof,” Comfort. ”And if you need to buy radiators in Astana, then you are welcome to our Novostroy-Group dealers. We also work with stores in other cities of Kazakhstan: “Kubey”, “Klimatika”, “Akvest”, etc.

Heating batteries are supplied packed in a thick protective plastic film, the edges of the radiator are protected from impacts by cardboard corners. In addition, you can purchase a mounting kit, which includes: plug, air vent, wall or floor bracket.