Цветные радиаторы отопления




At the moment, colored radiators have aesthetic advantages against white ones, and are used in LUX class residential premises. Our company “Sklad OV” LLP, with the release of a modern line of radiators of heating, took into account modern trends in the field of heating devices and leaves the choice of radiator color to the customer. 

Being on the page "selection of aluminum radiators" you can choose the perfect color for the radiator in the apartment or apartment building. Setting up equipment for painting in different colors is quite time-consuming process and will be profitable only when painting from 100 sections. For our radiators, only high-quality powder paint is purchased and is applied as a single layer on the outer surface of the radiator in a static field, and then baked where it gets luster. The current method in combination with high-quality paint betrays a stable and reliable layer that does not require annual renewal and remains unchanged for a long period of time. Since monitors have different colors, some colors may differ from the originals.

Knowing the width of the radiator becomes an important criterion when replacing a faulty unit, as well as when the system is fully designed and no additional interventions are possible. Batteries are mainly used in standard sizes, these are 200, 300 and 500, however there are exceptions in such cases, we manufacture radiators up to 700 mm, when you need to heat a large area of ​​the room. Also in our practice there were also requests for radiators with an intersectional distance of less than 200 mm, and our production plant coped well with this non-standard height. And the width depends on the number of sections in a monolithic block from 5 to 20 pieces. In this section, you can visually see the dependence of the width of the radiator on the number of sections.

In order to make an order for a colored heating radiator or radiator with individual sizes, you need to specify the color number or individual size of the heater in the feedback form, and you can also call the telephone numbers: +7 727 338 33 16/17.