For dealers

The “Tipido” plant for the production of heating radiators invites construction and sanitary stores, as well as construction companies to the dealership. Becoming our dealer, you acquire high-quality domestic products at attractive prices. Radiators are produced in one series, however, they are divided in height and number of sections. Sections, as well as the height of the radiator, depend on the needs of the customer, and may contain in the block from 5 to 20 sections, with a height from 200 mm to 700 mm. Individual requests apply to the height, color and number of sections.  

As a manufacturer, we are actively promoting our TIPIDO brand through TV appearances in copyright and news programs, contextual advertising, video plant presentations, social activity on the Internet, advertising racks and banners by points of sale. In addition, in the near future a grandiose advertising project will be implemented in the cities of Kazakhstan.

We are actively involved in government projects, entered the "Industrialization Map of the city of Almaty" for 2015-2019, we have a recommendation from Almaty heating networks on the use of heating radiators in domestic heat supply systems.

Radiators of heating "Tipido" are a modern sample of heating devices. Each created radiator is undoubtedly part of Kazakhstan. After all, our products use up to 95.5% of domestic raw materials, and this is an unprecedented figure! High-quality raw materials are the guarantor of reliable equipment that will last a long time. Each radiator is tested by the Department of Quality Control: pressure checking up to 40 atm., visual inspection, checking the side connections for a thread defect. 




- How to start working with you?

- Work with dealers begins with the signing of a standard contract.

- Where are the radiators produced?

- Heating radiators are manufactured in our factory, in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty.

- How long is the order made?

- Most of the standard models are available and made in advance. Since our factory produces radiators to order too, individual requests are made from 5 working days depending on workload and volume.

- What colors are painted radiators?

- In any color on the RAL scale, coloring is made over 100 sections.

 Is it possible to use radiators in residential complexes?

- Yes, radiators are suitable for LCD, as our design has a high reliability index at high pressure.

- What aluminum is used?

- Our radiators are made of special aluminum alloy AD31. It possesses high anti-corrosion properties.

- What design is used? 

The design of the radiator is monolithic, and does not include fragile nipple and threaded connections.



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