Radiators with UV printing

Production plant "Tipido" has developed a modern series of domestic heating radiators with drawing images, such radiators are not only a means of heating the rooms, but also a real ART object. This method of applying images is ideal for radiators, because special UV inks can withstand heat up to 150 ° C without fading and cracks. The catalog includes a variety of topics that will fit both in the nursery and in commercial premises. And also there is a series of combined radiators, which are painted in one of the RAL colors, and then an image is applied, so the radiator will fit perfectly into the design of the room. The cost of the radiator increases by 30% with UV printing, and with the combined version by 50%. Such radiators will warm, and will create a cosiness in your house.

The catalog of pictures of UV printing on radiators "Tipido"


With this type of radiator treatment, the thermal performance of the device does not change, and the heat output remains at its highest value, and reaches up to 175 W.

Technical characteristics of TIPIDO heating radiators

The main characteristics of TIPIDO-500:

Heat transfer of 1 section to W 175
Full height, mm 540
Section width, mm. 85
Depth mm 60
Radiator capacity, liter 0.31
Weight of 1 section, kg 0.9
The number of sections in the block, from 5 to 20 pcs.
Coolant temperature, ° C to 130
Working pressure, atm. 25
Test pressure, atm. 40
Size of supply lines, 3/4 inch
Hydrogen indicator, 6,5- 8 РH


To check the thermal performance, radiators "TIPIDO" are tested and certified by the State Standard of Kazakhstan. Since we are a production plant, we can manufacture heating radiators of individual sizes, for example, if the space between the floor and the window sill is of a non-standard size. In this case, we can manufacture radiators with any height from 200 mm to 900 mm, as well as from 5 to 20 sections.

Also a big plus will be the possibility of using radiators for both single-pipe and two-pipe heating systems. 

TIPIDO aluminum radiators stand out among the Chinese and Italian models with their thermal properties, namely:

Highly cleaned aluminum with full anodic oxidation of surfaces In the monolithic construction, the use of seals, threaded, nipple joints between sections is excluded. Structural strength - each radiator is tested with an overpressure of 40 atm.. Highest heat emission up to 175W